lördag 8 augusti 2009

Create & Devastate - Crate & Diggin In Swedish Outback

A sunny Saturday that's not clouded by a hangover is always a good day to take a little detour. DJ Create called me up this morning and we took his Audio 80 out for a spin to the South Swedish countryside. After driving around for a while we found one spot with a lot of wax and records were only 5 kr each. No real catches, but we found some classics. A lot of records from early 80s, I guess some DJ got rid of his full collection. Im posting one of the finds below, the disco classic "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" by INDEEP. Nothing particularly original but definitely a good track for a Saturday night. Have a nice weekend!

INDEEP - "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" 1983 (Mp3)

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