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Cuts/Scratches on SuperSci's new EP "What It Is" (Free Download)

With over teen years of quality releases, Supersci's name rings out to all dedicated Hip Hop fans in the nordic region. The group now returns with a brand new (FREE) EP perfect for Christmas and new years. The EP is called "What It Is" and it's a 4 track release showcasing the classic trademark sound combining Hip Hop/Jazz in a analog fashion.

Working with Flyphonic during the final stages of my album i had the chance to jump on a track a hook up the group with some scratches. I'm featured on the track "Devastation", check out the track below. More info on SuperSci and download link to "What It Is" EP is pasted below.


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Supersci releases free digital EP December 23rd: What It Is EP

To relieve the wait for the album Timelines coming in spring, Supersci give their fans a little extra christmas gift. With the free digital release What It Is EP the Sundsvall hiphop veterans round off the 00's and make a fresh start for 2010.

The EP is released on on the 23rd of December and consists of four songs. On the title track What It Is, the production team Flyphonic has crafted a raw sound from their more electronic side of things. Noun and Arka make energetic elaborations on the values of Supersci.

The minimalistic sound of Devastation makes your mind wander to times when the universe only consisted of two turntables and a mic. DJ Devastate from Helsingborg in southern Sweden, known for his release on legendary label BBE, lays the scratches for the chorus.

On the EP there's also a retake of the tragicomical mixtape track Shouldn't Have from earlier this year. Here, Remedeeh joins the autocritique of the band's somtimes somewhat self-destructive lifestyle. Erik L of Flyphonic mixes playful breaks with synthesizer-based 80's-futurism.

The fourth and last song Forests and Factories is a melancholy jazz excursion of the kind that has become Supersci's hallmark. Noun and Arka reflect on life's sometimes slow-moving pace and the low mood they feel in the snow slush, grey streets and dark forests. Arka's mellow production and Erik Ls lingering electric piano finally lead up to a flipped-out spacetrip composed by Bessem Bedziri. A video directed by Måns Berthas, who also made the classic video for Get!, is also in the editing booth.
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Flyphonic Phonogram (Label)

Download Supersci - "What It Is" EP (MP3 - HQ 320kbps) below:

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