onsdag 27 juli 2011

Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me (DJ Devastate Tribute Remix)

I did a little tribute remix to Amy in collaboration with Duth site/magazine The Find Mag. I'll copy paste the article from thefindmag.com below. Enjoy......

"Frankly, everyone saw it coming. But that doesn’t take away the fact it was a shock to hear that soulful singer Amy Winehouse passed away at the age of 27. Today she’s cremated after a funeral ceremony for friends and family. To show dedication to Amy, DJ Devastate did this tribute remix of ‘Stronger Than Me’, right now exclusively available on TheFindMag.com.

Music: Amy Whinehouse – Stronger Than Me (DJ Devastate Remix)

Her beautiful voice combined with a minimalistic groove makes this tribute remix a great surprising result compared to the original. Thanks to DJ Devastate from Sweden for paying hommage to Amy in a respectful way and thanks for making it an exclusive release to The Find Magazine!

You can download the tribute remix for free below.

Free Download

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