fredag 11 november 2011

Check out Dutch artist Mister Adam!

I had a chance to meet dutch artist Mister Adam when playing in Tilburg this summer. He did som super crazy live painting while we where spinning at the venue. Me and Adam will definitely collaborate more in the future. Thought i would upload some work from his new project "Mashville" and the painting he did this summer enjoy!

"Mashville is a collaborative art project initiated by Mister Adam and drJay. Likeminded artists are invited to exchange or create images and ideas in order to create a surprising screenprint. One of the parties creates an image and then passes it on to the collaborating artist. The image goes back and forth, until both parties are satisfied with the obtained result. Finally that result will be screenprinted. A process we started to call "image pingpong", the Mashville way."

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