måndag 6 augusti 2012

Copenhagen, Hamburg, Rotterdam..

I bought an interRail train pass this summer to travel around in Europe. I started the journey in the beginning of August and traveled for about 14 days.

DJ Create joined me for my first stop in Hamburg. We hooked up with our old friend DJ Whopper.  We checked out the city, had some beers and played records at JustFitted.

After a couple of days I continued to Holland to hook up with DJ Optimus and the Fremdtunes crew for the ”Street Science” festival in Rotterdam.  The festival was real cool. It had a bunch of workshops, record fares, DJs and a big blockparty stage. I played some laid back music to introduce the bio-panel discussion of Fremdtunes Records..

I stayed in Rotterdam for a bunch of days to work on a new project with DJ Optimus. The collabo worked well and we finished some serious tracks.. I also got chance to check out the city and the very cool ”Hip Hop Huis”.

On my way home I visited my friends in Christiania, Don Mario, J-Ro, KNOiota, Jamer and all the other guys…
Check the flicks…

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