onsdag 2 januari 2013

Anthony Hamilton Remix Featured in Laid Back Radio's new Hotmix

My remix of the Anthony Hamilton track "Comin' From Where I'm From" Ft. Segerfalk got some real heavy rotation on Laid Back Radio (Belgium).

Laid Back is one of the best radio/mixshows around so this was really cool to hear about! Enjoy the full Hotlist-mix below. Happy new year!

"Celebrating 40.000 followers on our Mixcloud profile! WOW that' huge. Thank you for joining us.

Here is the December edition of our monthly selection of newly released tracks featured in LDBK radio's heavy rotation list - www.ldbk.eu/listen.

A special focus on:

Dandy Teru is about the release his album on Ubiquity records - www.ldbk.eu/fragile

Strand went back to Madrid to record in the Red Bull studio with a couple of banksters and Lovemonk released their first two tracks as a 7 inch - www.ldbk.eu/bankster

* Poldoore's tracks is a hit. Looking forward to more collaborations with him next year

Selected by Julius
Mixed by dj_TomE
Intro by Amede Soundsmith
In the same series - LDBK hotlist

Illustration by Madame la Belge - http://madamelabelge.wordpress.com"

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