tisdag 7 maj 2013

Create & Devastate - Most Confident EP (artwork + releasedate)

"NEW RELEASES: Check out the cover art for the 'Most Confident EP' droppin' on May 21st from Sweden's producer/deejay duo Create & Devastate. The EP includes features from the likes of Wildchild, MED and Mykill Miers. The eight track release also boasts remixes from Swedish producers Freddie Cruger and Max I Million. Original and remix instrumental passes included. Check out the tracklist below:

01. Most Confident (feat. Wildchild & MED) Main
02. Most Confident (feat. Wildchild & MED) Freddie Cruger Remix
03. Click Clack Flow (feat. Mykill Miers) Main
04. Click Clack Flow (feat. Mykill Miers) Max I Million Remix
05. The Most Confident (Instrumental)
06. The Most Confident (Freddie Cruger Remix Instrumental)
07. Click Clack Flow (Instrumental)
08. Click Clack Flow (Max I Million Remix Instrumental)"

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