lördag 19 december 2009

Cuts on Erik L & Illingsworths upcoming album "Northern Connection"

Erik L is straight up dope...
Pushing the boundaries for hip hop production and always keeping himself busy with new interesting projects. Erik had a big part in "Movement/Silence", handling the mastering and featured on single track "More Moves" playing: live bass, rhodes piano and organ.

It's was a cool thing to be able to hook him up with some dope cuts/scratches for his upcoming album. Check the info regarding his album/label below and make sure to bang the track loud!

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This is the intro for upcoming album from producers "Erik L & Illingsworth". The cuts are laced by DJ Devastate (BBE). The album is a collabo between producers Illingsworth (Detroit) and Erik L (Sweden).
Erik L just started his own record label called Soularp Records that wil release "Northern Connection" January 25th 2010.

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Erik L & Illingsworth - Northern Connection. Produced entirely by Erik L and Illingsworth. The album showcases the marvelous beat-stylings of both producers, as well as lyricists from the US and Sweden. This long awaited project features guest appearances from the likes of Stray (Favorite Flava), Sene (Blu etc.), DJ Devastate (BBE) and one of Swedens most authentic hip hop groups, Supersci. Release date January 25, 2010. CD release on Still Siblings Ent.
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