onsdag 29 februari 2012

Productions on "Best Of Maylay Sparks" (Free download)

My old friend Maylay Sparks just released his "Best Of Maylay Sparks" album. I first met Maylay back in 2004 in Copenhagen. We have worked on a bunch of tracks since then.

Maylay featured on my first vinyl single (with DJ Create) with a track called "Just Get down". That single also featured Masta Ace (The Hitman). The track called "Just Get Down" was recorded by Don Mario in Christiania. I also produced 5 tracks on Maylays 2008 album "Flaskworthy".

Maylay is a true underground legend, be sure to dowload this album. Big up to homies Sniper & Mad Cune (SNM Squad) and to Reef the Lost Cause & Last Emperor.

The tracks i produced on "Best Of Maylay Sparks" is:

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