tisdag 14 augusti 2012

Productions on Baby Blak's new EP "Blaker Than Midnight"

Artwork By: Kind of Blue 

1. Blaker Than Midnight (Prod. DJ Devastate)
2. Moves 2 Make (Prod. DJ Devastate)
3. Blaker Than Midnight Remix (Prod. Max I Million)
4. Moves 2 Make Remix (Prod. LG The Experience)
5. Blaker Than Midnight (Instrumental)
6. Moves 2 Make (Instrumental)
7. Blaker Than Midnight Remix (Instrumental)
8. Moves 2 Make Remix (Instrumental)
9. Bonus_ Moves 2 Make Swedish Remix (Feat. Rico Won, Professor P, Rocc Spotz, Mr. Noun, DJ Devastate & DJ Akilles)
On Blak’s new venture “Blaker Than Midnight” he collaborates with producers DJ Devastate (BBE Records), Max I Million and New York legend LG The Experience (producer of Nas, Big L and Naughty by Nature). 

The main track ”Blaker Than Midnight” consist of clever wordplay, funky samples, hard hitting drums and razor sharp turntable acrobatics. Baby Blak continues on track ”Moves 2 Make” to deliver lyrical gems with an understated yet intriguing flow. Blak keeps this project feature free except for the bonus remix of track ”Moves 2 Make”, where some of Sweden’s best MC’s can be heard ( Rico Won, Professor P, Rocc Spotz, Mr. Noun)

The format of this release is that of a classic 12 inch single, including remixes and instrumentals. The EP “Blaker Than Midnight” is available digitally worldwide. 

With over 15 years of quality independent releases, Philly legend Baby Blak is back with a brand new EP entitled ”Blaker Than Midnight”.
Baby Blak started his career back in the golden age of indie Hip Hop. Known for his signature Philly dialect, understated yet elegant rhyme style, Blak manages to find a perfect balance between street slang and serious penmanship. His discography include collaborations with heavyweight like: The Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Obie Trice, The Alchemist, Sean Price, Evidence, Kev Brown, DJ Revolution and countless others. Blak has throughout his career managed to solidify himself as one of hip-hop’s most prolific MC’s.


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