torsdag 18 april 2013

Production on Mykill Miers new album "Iron Myk"

Mykill Miers A.K.A The Hitchcock of Hip Hop just dropped a new album called "Iron Myk" today. A great album with features from: Bishop Lamont, Opio ( Souls of Mischief), Sadat X and more. I produced the track "Then The Job Gets Done". Out on ITUNES and CD.

"Underground powerhouse, Mykill Miers, one of Los Angeles' most revered lyricists is embarking on his 5th studio album titled 'Iron Myk' this April.

A bold, mature release; 'Iron Myk' is a culmination of everything Mykill Miers has witnessed and experienced throughout his career from a relative unknown in the scene cutting his teeth on compilation albums and rugged demo classics throughout the 1990's, to releasing his now-classic solo album 'It's Been A Long Time Coming' and his three subsequent releases - 'The Second Coming', 'Trials of Job' and 'Take It In Blood' - as well as his work with his crew, Next Of Kin.

The undeniable lead single 'Give Em Hell' which Mykill Miers produced himself, is the perfect introduction to 'Iron Myk', and captures the intensity and conviction of the Los Angeles hip hop veteran, and underground legend. 'Job Gets Done' produced by Sweden's DJ Devastate serves as the perfect companion track, and in turn captures Mykill Miers' truly international appeal as the two met and began working after Mykill Miers' recent European tour, solidifying his brand and impact on the world as a whole.

Do yourself a favor and cleanse yourself with the true and raw feeling of one of the West Coast's and Hip Hop's finest lyricists with this exclusive selection from April's 'Iron Myk'.

Please visit to preview and purchase Mykill Miers brand new tracks."



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