onsdag 13 maj 2015

Context & Scratch Magic Presents: SCHMUGS (Support the vinyl release)

Click image above to stream SCHMUGS debut album "Quit Talkin'" (YouTube).

Context & DJ Scratch Magic (DK) Presents: SCHMUGS

Dynamic Danish duo "SCHMUGS" launches crowdfunding campaign to release debut album "Quit Talkin'" on vinyl.

Context is one of the illest producers in Europe if you ask me. His work on the “Nobody Beats The Beats”, “Boulevard Connection” projects and countless classic vinyl releases really inspired me to start producing. I had the privilege to get some exclusive tracks from him to use on the latest Counterweight Records mixtape for Carhartt Radio. Those were some real dynamite beats so make sure to check em out.

Right now Context is launching a crowdfunding campaign to get his new album “Quit Talkin’” out on vinyl. The group is called “SCHMUGS” and consists of Context and turntable wizard DJ Scratch Magic. Both crate diggers from the city of Copenhagen. Context told me the duo hooked up and quickly realised that they shared the same passion for beat making, Boom bap and gritty beats. Context jumped in the booth, Scratch Magic got behind the decks and shortly after that the duo had produced a full length album with sound resonating from the mid 90s golden era of Hip Hop. Right now they are trying to get the album “Quit Talkin’” out on the dopest format out there, vinyl. The music is stupid ill, so make sure to support it, I know I will! More about the project below. Enjoy real music straight from Copenhagen.

Some final words from “SCHMUGS” regarding the project:

“All donations will be rewarded with an invitation to our release party where of course we will do a live show with nodding necks to follow. Thank you for your support. - Boom bap will be here forever.”

Click to support SCHMUGS crowdfunding campaign



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