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Counterweight Records Presents - 7 Days of Nas (FreEP)

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Counterweight Records Presents - 7 Days of Nas (FreEP)

Remixed by Max I Million • Cuts by DJ Devastate

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Click here to stream/download '7 Days of Nas' (FreEP) via AudioMack
Between celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nas' groundbreaking debut, Illmatic , and the release of the album's documentary, Nas: Time Is Illmatic , 2014 was undoubtedly the year of the Q-Borough legend.
Throughout the years, we've heard countless artists and producers offer their take on Nasir Jones' timeless catalogue, and next up to take a stab at it is Swedish producer, Max I Million, reppin' Counterweight Records . Using various soundscapes, and flipping everything from bass drives synth samples, to mellow Jazz chords and thumping drums, Max I Million creates a vibe the resonates seamlessly with Nas' original concepts and wordplay. For good measure, DJ Devastate adds his turntable wizardry to the mix, providing razor sharp cuts and scratches to the chorus of each track. Keyboardist, Fredrik Segarfalk brings it all together by dusting analog tones in just the right doses.
Appropriately titled, 7 Days of Nas , where each track has been released subsequently over the past week, through Counterweight Records' SoundCloud page, the free project can now be downloaded in its entirety in one simple click, courtesy of AudioMack . 7 Days is released in collaboration with the Belgium based online radio platform, Laid Back Radio(LDBK). Artwork is provided by Jonas Hilmersson, who reinterpreted a Nas illustration, using classic Nas lyrics. Enjoy.
STREAM/DOWNLOAD: 7 Days of Nas - AudioMack • SoundCloud
VIDEO: "It Ain't Hard To Tell" - Vimeo

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Sweden's @cwrecs Presents #7DaysOfNas #FreEP Stream/Download here: *Remixed by Max I Million | Cuts by @djdevastate


01. It Ain't Hard To Tell
02. Mad You Look
03. One Love
04. Street Dreams
05. You Know My Style
06. Nas Is Like
07. Surviving the Times (feat. Segerfalk)
*Remixed by Max I Million | Cuts by DJ Devastate
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