tisdag 13 september 2016

Counterweight Radio for Jay Scarlett's Sounds Supreme!

Mixed by Create & Devastate

Counterweight Radio for Jay Scarlett's Sounds Supreme (Puls Radio)

Swedish DJ/Producer Duo Create & Devastate drops a 40 minute mix for legendary producer/DJ/Radio host Jay Scarlett’s show ”Sounds Supreme” on German "Puls Radio". The mixed is filled with mellow instrumental gems and takes the listener through a soundscape with frequencies ranging electronic to organic. The mix is a part of Counterweight Records new outlet to promote new and soulful music called ”Counterweight Radio”. Like always this is a effort to showcase fresh new music with the emphasis on timeless and soulful sounds.

1. Max I Million - StereYo (Exclusive)
2. Moose Dawa - Jazzanova Bohemian Sunset (Remix)
3. Drop Out Orchestra - The Swedish Taboo
4. Tall Black Guy - Sade´s Taboo
5. Freddie Joachim - Good Man
6. Moods - Evolve
7. IAMNOBODI - Welcome To Berlin
8. Mecca82 - Loungin’
9. Shatter Hands - I Kicked a Cloud Once (Numbers On The Korg)
10 Betty Ford Boys - Drinkin’ Hennessy
11. Melody Soul - Slom (Nightshifts)
12. Bluestaeb - Didn't Cha Know (Rodalquilar LP)
13. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
14. Blustaeb - Valle de Rodalquilar
15. The Halftone Society Rhythm Section - Don’t Look Any Further (feat. Young Dundee)
16. DJ Day - Close Your Eyes
17. Red Astaire - When You Need Me
18. Marling - Fid Mella
19. Shateish - I’m Leaving’ (Prod. Nottz
20. Kan Sano - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

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Jay Scarlett - Sounds Supreme

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