fredag 3 februari 2017

Remix + Cuts on Chapee's single "Feel It"

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Chapee & Max I Million - Feel It (EP)

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The Stockholm, Sweden duo of Chapee & Max I Million take it back to the days of jazzy Boom bap and good vibes with new single “Feel It,” which features the always-slick turntable talents of DJ Devastate.
At first listen, “Feel It” plays out like a straight-up ode to Hip-Hop and how much the genre has grown over the past 20 years alone. But repeated listens (which come easy given the addictive nature of the tune) reveal that this is actually the story of Chapee’s experience in the culture, which began more than two decades ago. Since debuting as a teen and working as part of Chapee & Chess, the gifted Swede has toured the globe and released a slew of notable tracks and projects.
But it was only in March 2016 that he released his proper debut, Mode7ty, which seems to have lit a fire under the Hip-Hop vet. As “Feel It” displays, he’s never sounded better and more in his lane, particularly rapping over Million’s laid-back, Soulquarians-reminiscent production, and Devastate’s sample-scratching chorus. Devastate also provides a remix of the track, too, which turns up the jazz levels and brings a substantial knock on the drums.
Million also filmed and directed the single’s video, which is a super-dope trip back to the time when VHS ruled the market and things like DVDs were a fantasy at best. That being said, the quality here is nothing short of high-def—just with a rad, throwback-style presentation.
“Feel It” is now available for stream through all major digital retailers and streaming portals,via Counterweight Records. The label is also getting set to drop Chapee’s follow-up project, The Maxtape 2, very soon.
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