torsdag 19 maj 2011

Fremdtunes - The Series 2 - Out now on Vinyl and DIGI!

I just dropped a instrumental track called "Inside The Silence" on Duth label "Fremdtunes". The track is featured on a EP called "Fremdtunes - The Series 2". The EP is packed with smooth instrumental stuff and funky beats. The track features Segerfalk on various Keyboards. The EP is out on DIGi and vinyl and i will be playing at the releaseparty in Holland June 4th.

"For this EP we collected 6 tracks. The different tracks show a cross-section of the diverse music-styles we focus on.

DJ Optimus kicks off and introduces the world to one of his in-your-face tracks of his upcoming début LP. The track features legendary mc Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) on vocals. French artist Boulaone (Benbellajazz) and Dutch DJ/producer Vindictivdeliver up-tempo, funky swing-tracks while Swedish producer/DJ Devastate ft Segerfalk (BBE Records/Threshold Recordings) adds some great, tranquillizing atmosphere to the EP. Dutch youngster Jameszoo (Kindred Spirits) shows up with outstanding jazzy, spaced out beats and collective Fremdkunst brings the EP to a conclusion with an instrumental song which combines soothing vibes on a hyped, percussive drumbreak. Although the tracks vary in style, all artists share a similar love for the art of cut-and-paste and are all known for being DJ ánd producer. On may 9th 2011 the digital version is available. The vinyl EP will be out on May 30. The release will be out on Boomkat,Juno and Digital Tunes – amongst others. Distribution of the vinyl is done by Rushhour."

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