tisdag 7 juni 2011

Gig in Holland with Fremdtunes (Releaseparty)

Came back from a great weekend with DJ Optimus & the Fremdtunes crew. Optimus picked me up at the airport (Friday) and took me to his studio/house in Rotterdam. Dope beats, studio and food. Later that same night Optimus had a gig at Breda Jazzfestival together with Carlos De Wijs. The festival seem to be one of the big events of the summer with people and stages everywhere. I had a walk to check out the vibes. During saturday we took the opportunity to work on some beats and came up with some cool stuff. Then it was time to leave for Tilburg and the venue 031. The gig was the Fremdtunes labelnight. I did a set with two other DJ’s (Coco Bryce & Solo Moderna). The graphical designer for the label Mister Adam painted some amazing stuff live! Good times...

Breda Jazz Festival
Poppodium Venue for the show in Tilburg

Super talented artist Mister Adam and the live painting he did!
Crowd and Coco Bryce
Rockin It
The Record - Buy it Here!

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