fredag 24 juni 2011

Free track with DJ Optimus (Fremdtunes) Ft. Prince Po + Optimace Waxpoetics Mix

Check out my friend DJ Optimus new free track “Pound For Pound – Feat. Prince Po”. Also in this post is a super dope mix for legendary waxpoetics magazine. The mix is on a nice mellow vibe and also behind the wheels of steel is fellow fremdtuner DJ Mace.
The song "Pound For Pound" is taken from Optimus brand new album “Double Helix DNA” out now on Fremdtunes Records! Optimus is droppin this track for free so enjoy and spread the word! Track download link, Spotify link, Video, Waxpoetics mix and album info below! Wow, I know, a lot of stuff but tune in and check it all!

Producer/DJ Optimus from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, releases his debut album
‘Double Helix DNA’ on June 20th 2011 through Dutch recordlabel Fremdtunes. Hip Hop
beats rich with Jazz and Funk influences, Turntablism, Electronica and a whole
squadron of guests, including Rasco, Prince Po and El Da Sensei, are the main
ingredients of this diverse debut.”

"We put together a mix for Wax Poetics (one of the greatest musicmagazines since the birth of Christ): reflecting Fremdtunes’ flavor with a soulful, funky, electronic, and beat-heavy trip. Go to Wax Poetics for some outstanding reading-material or take yourself directly to the mix on our soundcloud page"

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