fredag 8 juli 2011

Cuts on Maylay Spark's "King With Words"

I had the opportunity to work with a old friend on his new release. Maylay Sparks is the West Philly legend that moved to Scandinavia after literally slipping of stage at Roskilde over 10 years ago. Since then he has been delivering a lot of quality releases with Sweden and Denmark as his new base of operation. This new project he just released is a EP called "Truckdriver Fortuneteller". I laced the cuts for the track "King With Words". Check the video below the track with my cuts starts 1.30 into the video. Enjoy!

01. I Would Have Nothing
02. King With Words (cuts by Devastate of Elite Fleet)
03. Pivo Pause (cuts by DJ Connect of Elite Fleet)
04. What I’m Gonna Do
05. Cream (Young Stud 1971-2000)
06. Road Dogs feat. Decko, K Sluggah, Gero

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